faq4Why do you stock so many brands of sewing machines?

Its true, we do offer all the best European and Japanese brands. Different makes & models offer different features to suit diverse tastes & requirements by the sewing public. We aim to provide a wide range of makes & models to satisfy most expectations.

Do you service & repair all brands of sewing machines?

Yes we do. Peter is our fully qualified resident sewing & embroidery machine & overlocker technician. He is fully certified to service & repair all the brands we sell. Click here for more information on Peter & our repair section.

I admire what I see people make with their sewing machines & would like to be creative too – I just don’t have the talent…

We hear this every day! Just try a sewing or patchwork class with us, & you will see just how easy it is to be a creative sewer. Just like others before you, you will be surprised at what you can achieve with the support & encouragement of our teaching staff.

I live in the Redlands and want to buy a new sewing machine. What can you offer me?

When you buy a new sewing machine, embroidery machine, or overlocker from us, you also get free lessons to show you how to use all the features of your new machine. We want to encourage you to use your new machine and get the satisfaction from your creative sewing that we all aspire to.

I would love to buy my sewing machine from you, as I love your shop & your helpful staff, but I live too far away to take advantage of your free lessons.

We spend a lot of time each day helping our customers on the phone with their sewing problems. We have a 1300 telephone number that most people in Australia can access from a land line phone for the cost of a local call. The number is 1300 739 464. It’s easy to remember as 1300 SEWING. You can contact us here with your questions too.

I am a teacher at a local high school. How can you help us with sewing machine repairs & services?

We service & repair sewing machines for local secondary schools annually during the Christmas holidays. We provide a repair service on an “at call” basis during the year also. Just phone us, & we will pick up your machines requiring attention, repair them & return to your school promptly. We pick up & return free of charge in the Redlands.

Why are some fabrics & sewing machines cheaper at chain stores than from Bayside StitchCraft?

Generally the saying “You get what you pay for” applies. Our fabrics are generally of better quality & design than you will purchase for a similar price at a chain store. Most of our customers are seeking assistance with colour matching, design assistance & other advice when they purchase their fabrics from us. This help is willingly given “free of charge” to help our customers get the most benefit with their sewing projects – a service not usually available from chain stores.

Again with sewing machines, the saying “You get what you pay for” applies. “One size fits all” does not apply when buying a sewing machine, embroidery machine or overlocker. Unless you are buying a very basic sewing machine, you will have a vision of what you want to achieve with your sewing craft. We spend time with you to help you select a machine that will meet your specific requirements. We also provide you with free lessons to show you how to use all the features that your new machine has to offer. We are always available to help you overcome any problems along the way. The manufacturers warranty is backed up by our sewing machine technician in the store. The service that we provide our customers is certainly not available from the “chain stores” nor from many other sewing shops!

I like to buy from a “bricks & mortar” shop. How can I be confident I am buying from a reliable store?

We have been in our current location since 2002. Most of our customers visit our “bricks and mortar” shop to make their purchases. More & more of our regular customers are now confidently buying on-line from our web shop. They know that if they need any help, we are just at the end of the telephone during our normal business hours. Or they can contact us anytime here.

What if I am dissatisfied with a purchase?

To view our Returns Policy just click here.

Do you offer any Classes or Clubs? If so, when?

We certainly do! Just click here to see our list of Classes and Clubs. If you would like to enroll for any Class or Club, you can either email us or phone us on 1300 739 464. (That’s 1300 SEWING)

What if I prefer to order over the phone rather than through your web shop?

That’s quite OK. Many of our customers still prefer to select the products that they wish to order from our web site, & then phone us to place their order. We enjoy talking to our customers too, & direct contact enables any queries to be quickly resolved. Just call us on 1300 739 464 (That’s 1300 SEWING).