Janome Accessory of the Month | January 2017

Janome Border Guide Foot

Do you remember the very first time you attempted to evenly sew a border design? Chances are it was straight as a Twistie. But not anymore. Read on to discover this month’s Janome Accessory of the Month: the Border Guide Foot — a must in every sewist’s box!

Having problems lining up or evenly spacing your border designs? It can be challenging even with the straightest of markings. But this month’s Janome Accessory will revolutionise your border designs and remove the frustration, so you can once again sew with passion.

Available in 7mm and 9mm sizes, the Janome Border Guide Foot helps you to easily match up your border designs with the evenly measured red lines of the foot. No need to mark every row beforehand!

With both horizontal and vertical lines, aligning your needle drop and calibrating your machine for perfectly spaced rows has never been easier. Just follow the link below to order yours today.

Buy 7mm hereBuy 9mm here.

January 2017 Border Guide Foot