Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutter 15x

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The World of Crafting is Unlimited – so why let a Digital Cutter limit you!

The Artistic Edge offers you an endless amount of options for every kind of crafter! The included Artistic SimpleCut software can do much more than just basic editing. Use one of 3,500 included designs, import artwork that you have already made, or create your own! Scrapbookers will love the ability to create custom shapes; quilters will love creating one-step appliqué and decorators will love the projects that they can create for the home.


Vinyl Designs

Paper Crafting

Learn about the Edge

Find out all about Artistic’s all new Edge Digital Cutter. Learn about the innovative features that the Edge cutter has to offer.

 SimpleCut software is a powerful tool that sets the Edge apart from other digital cutters. Import graphics, embroidery files or create your own designs.
To learn how to get started using the SimpleCut software watch the Tutorial Videos on Artistic’s YouTube channel.


Why Would a Quilter want

a Digital Cutter?

Using a digital cutter can make your quilts come alive in ways you’ve only hoped for, in a fraction of the time youwould have thought! Create custom shapes, replicate fabric patterns in appliqué or simply cut full sheets of fabric for tiny piecing without having to use a rotary cutter. Less time cutting out fabric leaves you more time for quilting!

The Edge Cutter can take your quilt to the next level!

With the Artistic Edge, you have the ability to create appliqué designs with tiny details that you never would have been able to achieve with a rotary cutter alone. The Edge can precisely cut out these objects on various media forms, giving you a unique touch to your designs




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