Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher

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Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher is a needle felting machine. This machine does not sew but uses barbed needles to mesh fabrics together.  Fibers mingle to create new color and texture combinations that simply cannot be achieved with embroidery, applique, or any other kind of needlework.  Our Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher does not require thread, a bobbin, or any previous sewing experience.

Unleash Your Creativity With Our Felting Machine.  Felt using fabrics, yarns, natural fibres or your fabric scraps to create scarves, wall hangings, home decor and bags or to embelish quilts or make your own felted fabrics. Felting by machine is fast and controlled. You will master it in no time.

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Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher Overview

Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher five hole design

Five-Hole Design

The five-hole design of our base plate keeps fabric in place and helps the needles penetrate multiple layers.

Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher five needle unit

Five-Needle Unit

Instead of thread or bobbin, these sharp needles each have barbs that catch the fibres of the fabrics and push them down through the layers. Janome’s pre-set five-needle construction reduces needle breakage, even when working with multiple layers

 Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher easy clean lint box

Easy Clean Lint Box 

Quickly and easily clean the lint box. It is also sealed from the motor unit, prohibiting lint and debris from causing damage.

Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher adjustable presser foot and finger guard

Adjustable Presser Foot and Finger Guard 

A transparent adjustable presser foot allows you to manipulate multiple layers with visibility. Our see-through finger guard also keeps your fingers safe as you work

Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher free arm

Free Arm 

The unique base storage box slides off so you can felt directly onto cuffs and sleeves and also use for 3D projects like hats, bowls, or sculpture.

Janome FM725 Artistic Embellisher Features

Needle Plate Five-hole needle plate with five-needle unit
Needles Single needle unit
Single-Hole Needle Plate Yes
Easy Clean Lint Box Yes
Free Arm Yes
See-Through Adjustable Presser Foot Yes
See-Through Finger Guard Yes
Standard Foot Control Yes
Lighting Bright working light
Durable Construction Yes